Discover the Essence of Thai Cuisine at KHAAN Bangkok Restaurant


Reviving Thailand’s Culinary Treasures: Under the expert guidance of Chef Aom Sujira Pongmorn, KHAAN seeks to resurrect the forgotten flavors of Thai cuisine. Our menu is a curated collection of historical recipes presented with a modern touch, offering guests a taste of Thailand’s culinary legacy.

From Street Eats to Royal Feasts: KHAAN’s menu is a celebration of Thai food in all its forms, from the simplicity of street snacks to the sophistication of royal banquets. We invite our guests on a gastronomic expedition across Thailand, showcasing the diversity and richness of its food culture.

Sustainability at the Core: With a commitment to zero waste, KHAAN employs innovative culinary practices to ensure minimal environmental impact. This sustainable approach underlines our respect for nature and drives our creativity, allowing us to deliver full-flavored dishes that are both eco-friendly and delicious.

Luxury Dining with a Thai Soul: KHAAN Bangkok melds the warmth of Thai hospitality with the finesse of modern luxury. Our restaurant design reflects Thailand’s elegant aesthetic, offering a welcoming and refined space for an unforgettable dining experience.

A Collaborative Culinary Journey: At KHAAN, collaboration is key to our culinary excellence. We work hand in hand with artisans, local producers, and our talented chefs to push the boundaries of Thai cuisine, making KHAAN a standout destination for food enthusiasts worldwide.


Honoring Tradition through Innovation: At KHAAN, we embrace the rich heritage of Thai cuisine, drawing inspiration from its diverse cultural influences including Chinese, Indian, Lao, Mon, and Vietnamese. Our philosophy centers on reimagining traditional Thai dishes, blending them with modern culinary techniques to create a unique dining experience that respects the past while looking forward to the future.

Commitment to Quality and Local Sourcing: KHAAN Bangkok prides itself on its dedication to premium, locally-sourced ingredients. Our partnership with local farmers and fishermen ensures that only the freshest, highest quality products find their way to your plate, supporting sustainable practices and enhancing the community’s well-being.