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“My goal is to elevate Thai street food, converting it into an exquisite fine dining experience by new cooking techniques and traditional recipes.”

Chef Aom Sujira Pongmorn’s 11-course tasting menu at KHAAN Bangkok is a masterful blend of Thai culinary traditions and modern gastronomy, embodying her journey and deep reverence for Thai cuisine. Each course is a narrative of Thailand’s rich cultural tapestry, from the vibrant street food markets to the sophisticated royal kitchens, and a nod to the diverse landscapes—from the lush forests to the bountiful seas. Emphasizing sustainability, the menu showcases local produce, highlights zero-waste practices, and celebrates the fusion of flavors that make Thai cuisine unique. Chef Aom’s creations invite diners on a gastronomic voyage that is as enriching as it is delicious, offering a window into the soul of Thailand’s culinary heritage reimagined for the contemporary palate.

Amuse Bouche
Hokkaido scallop | Green mussel juice | Makwaen
Rice paddy crab | Sticky rice
Fermented Sang yod rice | Dry aged turnip | Thai borage
Belon oyster | Suratthani oyster |
Lacto-fermentation king oyster mushroom | Tom-Kha
Tomato | Fermented soy bean
 Charcoal seasonal catch by local fisherman
Lamb shank | Basmati rice | Bumbai curry
Phuket pineapple curd
ฟักท๊อง ฟักทอง
North | South | East | West
11-Course Tasting Menu 3,850 THB++
Wine pairing 4 glasses: 1,950 THB++
Wine pairing 6 glasses: 2,450 THB++
Tea pairing: 690 THB++
This price does not include vat 7% and 10% service charge.

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