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Elevating authentic Thai street flavors to sophisticated Thai fine dining In Bangkok



Welcome to KHAAN Thai Restaurant Bangkok

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of KHAAN Thai Restaurant in Bangkok, a venue that masterfully elevates the vibrant zest of Thai street food to an unparalleled fine dining experience. Perfectly located in the lively heart of Thailand’s bustling metropolis, KHAAN distinguishes itself as a culinary oasis, artfully fusing the authentic essence of Thai gastronomy with the luxe sophistication of high-end dining. Guided by the talented Chef Aom Sujira Pongmorn, honored as the Young Michelin Chef in 2021, and leading a Michelin-starred journey from 2018 to 2021, KHAAN demonstrates an unwavering dedication to culinary brilliance and an innovative approach to classic flavors.
Having opened just six months ago, KHAAN Thai Restaurant in Bangkok has quickly captured the attention of the culinary world, securing prestigious accolades such as being named the Best New Restaurant of 2024 by Thailand Tatler. Additionally, it has achieved a top spot in TOP80Asia’s Fine Dining list, ranked #20 in the TOP25 Restaurant Bangkok Award 2024, and acclaimed as the “Best Innovative Thai Cuisine 2024” by a UK luxury lifestyle magazine. These honors, along with a recommendation from the Michelin Guide 2024, underscore KHAAN’s rapidly growing reputation.

KHAAN Thai Restaurant where we elevate thai street food into fine dining

At the heart of KHAAN’s culinary philosophy lies our chef’s profound passion for the rich variety of Thai street food, combined with a forward-thinking approach to redefining these beloved tastes using cutting-edge culinary techniques. This unique approach sets KHAAN apart in the bustling dining scene of Bangkok, highlighting the use of locally sourced, organic ingredients alongside a dynamically changing seasonal menu. It’s here that the deep-rooted traditions of Thai culinary arts are celebrated and reimagined, looking towards a future where tradition and innovation coalesce seamlessly.




Tradition and Modernity Combined

As a “recommended restaurant in Bangkok” and celebrated among the “best restaurants in Bangkok Thailand,” KHAAN represents a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. For those seeking the “best Thai food in Bangkok Thailand” or an exceptional “fine dining restaurant in Bangkok,” KHAAN promises an unforgettable dining journey. Each dish is a testament to the enduring allure of Thai flavors, reimagined to captivate and inspire.



Embark on a Unique Dining Experience at KHAAN

Whether you’re a local connoisseur or a global traveler searching for the pinnacle of the “Thai restaurant Bangkok” experience, KHAAN welcomes you to a world where the roots of Thai street food flourish in a refined dining setting. Here, the simple pleasures of traditional Thai cuisine are elevated to a level of sophistication and creativity unmatched in Bangkok.

Join us at KHAAN Bangkok for an evening where culinary dreams become reality, and the legacy of Thai street food is celebrated with every innovative, beautifully crafted dish. Step into our world, where the vibrant spirit of Thai cuisine is redefined for the discerning palate.

Our restaurant is centrally located in the Pratumwan area of Bangkok, making it easily accessible and conveniently close to several five-star hotels, including Park Hyatt Bangkok, Rosewood Bangkok, Athenee Hotel Bangkok, Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Intercontinental Bangkok, Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, St. Regis Bangkok, Anantara Siam Bangkok, Okura Bangkok, Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok, Capella Bangkok, and others.


Restaurant Location

Email: Info@khaanbkk.com

Tel&Whatsapp: +6692-441-6547


KHAAN Thai restaurant location in the middle of Bangkok Close to Park Hyatt Bangkok, Rose Wood Bangkok, Okura Bangkok, The Athenee Hotel Bangkok, COMO Bangkok, Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, The St. Regis Bangkok,  Marriot Bangkok, Sheraton Bangkok, Conrad Bangkok, Kempinski Bangkok, Sindhorn kempinski Bangkok, Anatara siam Bangkok, Kimpton maa-lai Bangkok,InterContinantal Bangkok, Centara grand, Grand hyatt Erawan, Hyatt Regency and 5-10 minute walk