KHAAN Bangkok Collaboration with Seasoning36 with Concept Sustainable Culinary Experience

KHAAN Bangkok Collaboration with Seasoning36 with Concept Sustainable Culinary Experience

KHAAN Bangkok and seasoning36 restaurant are thrilled to announce an exclusive Wine Dinner Event, a landmark collaboration between Chef Aom Sujira Pongmorn, Chef Benz Akadej Taechakaesaree, and renowned Sommelier Fong Pollakorn Srisung (WSET 4 Candidate). This unique event, scheduled for March 16th and 21st, 2024, will spotlight a sustainable culinary experience that champions a zero-waste concept and features 100% locally sourced Thai produce.

An Unforgettable Sustainable Culinary Journey

Guests are invited to embark on a remarkable journey with a 9-course tasting menu, meticulously crafted through the collaboration of Chef Aom and Chef Benz. This event is not just a dinner but a celebration of sustainability, local produce, and the innovative spirit of Thai cuisine. Priced at 6950++ per person, this exclusive offering is an opportunity to explore the depths of Thai flavors, elevated by the exquisite wine pairings selected by Sommelier Fong Pollakorn Srisung.

About the Culinary and Wine Experts

Chef Aom Sujira Pongmorn is at the forefront of redefining Thai cuisine by integrating traditional tastes with modern culinary expressions. Her illustrious career, marked by an education at the School of The Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP) at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, has seen her working alongside Michelin-starred chefs, contributing to her deep appreciation and innovative approach to Thai cooking.

Chef Benz Akadej Taechakaesaree brings his unique flair to Thai cuisine, offering dishes that resonate with authenticity while pushing the boundaries of innovation. His dedication to the craft is evident in his creative use of ingredients and techniques that pay tribute to Thailand’s rich culinary heritage.

Sommelier Fong Pollakorn Srisung (WSET3), with his dynamic background from legal practice to the pinnacle of wine professionalism, enhances the dining experience with his expertly curated wine selections. His commitment to pairing the richness of Thai cuisine with the perfect wine complements the chefs’ culinary creations, making each course a discovery of flavors and aromas.

Event Details

Dates: March 16th and 21st, 2024

Location: KHAAN Bangkok

Featuring: A 9-course tasting menu priced at 6950++ per person

Concept: A sustainable culinary experience emphasizing zero-waste and the use of local Thai produce

Limited Seating Available

This two-day only event is an exclusive opportunity to delve into the heart of Thai culinary innovation, showcased by leading figures in the gastronomic world. With limited seating available, interested guests are encouraged to make their reservations early to secure their participation in this unparalleled dining experience.


About KHAAN Bangkok

KHAAN Bangkok is a beacon of culinary innovation nestled in the heart of Thailand’s vibrant capital. This exquisite Thai restaurant is renowned for its pioneering approach to traditional Thai cuisine, offering guests an innovative tasting menu that reimagines classic Thai dishes through the lens of modern gastronomy. Under the guidance of Chef Aom Sujira Pongmorn, KHAAN aspires to evoke both the gentleness and elegance of Thai aesthetics, blending rich cultural heritage with contemporary culinary techniques. Situated on bustling Somkid Street, KHAAN is a culinary haven where locals and international visitors alike can indulge in a meticulously curated sequence of dishes that highlight the best of local Thai produce. Each course is thoughtfully designed to maximize the intrinsic value of ingredients, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors that pays homage to Thailand’s rich gastronomic legacy. At KHAAN, every dining experience is an extraordinary journey through the essence of Thai cuisine, presented in an ambiance that reflects an extraordinary fusion of traditional and antique Thai styles, symbolizing a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the art of fine dining.

About Seasoning 36

Seasoning 36 Restaurant in Bangkok offers a unique and intimate dining experience that stands out in the city’s vibrant culinary scene. Nestled in the heart of Sukhumvit, this exclusive chef’s table venue, led by the innovative Chef Benz Akadej Taechakaesaree, showcases the depth and diversity of Thai cuisine through a modern lens. Seasoning 36 is celebrated for its dedication to crafting dishes that blend traditional Thai flavors with contemporary cooking techniques, all within the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of a converted home. The restaurant’s focus on using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients ensures that each dish not only pays homage to Thailand’s rich gastronomic heritage but also supports local producers and sustainable practices. Dining at Seasoning 36 is more than a meal—it’s a carefully curated journey into the heart of Thai culinary artistry, designed to leave guests with a lasting impression of Thailand’s incredible flavors and Chef Benz’s creative genius.

About Sommelier Fong

Introducing Fong Pollakorn Srisung, affectionately known as K.FONG, a distinguished figure in the world of wine. Transitioning from a successful career in law, graduating from DUKE Law, to pursuing his passion for wine, K.FONG embodies a rare blend of legal acumen and a sophisticated palate. With a WSET4 (Candidate)credential under his belt and currently advancing towards the prestigious WSET4, he represents the pinnacle of wine education and expertise. His deep-rooted love for Thai cuisine and wine pairing, nurtured from a lifetime within the hotelier industry, has seen him collaborate with top Thai chefs to create unparalleled gastronomic experiences. K.FONG’s journey from the courtroom to the dining room is a testament to his dedication to the craft of wine, making him not just a sommelier but a storyteller, whose selections elevate every meal into a memorable experience.

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Amuse Bouche






Tiger Prawn Salad

มันกุ้งมะเขือเผา ใบเล็บครุฑทอด

Prawn tomalley and smoked eggplant dip served with deep fried Polyscias


Fish wrap in napa cabbage with fermented soybean sauce


Squid noodle with herbal black Ink soup


Fried Eggplant with assorted herb

อกเป็ดรมควัน แกงใต้

Smoked duck breast with Southern style curry

มะยงชิด มะปราง

Mayongchid | Maprang

Petit fours





9 Course Tasting menu with 6 Wine pairing 6950 THB++


KHAAN Bangkok Collaboration with Seasoning36 with Concept Sustainable Culinary Experience