AsiaTop80 Bangkok Winners 2024 Edition


AsiaTop80 Bangkok Winners

Bangkok, a city renowned for its vibrant street food scene, also boasts a luxurious side where fine dining experiences take center stage. The TOP80 Asia Fine Dining list for 2024 shines a spotlight on the city’s best, showcasing establishments that not only offer exquisite meals but also embody the essence of Thai hospitality and innovation. Here’s a closer look at the top 10 restaurants in Bangkok that have made it to this prestigious list, cementing the city’s status as a global culinary hotspot.

1. Acqua Restaurant Bangkok

Nestled in the heart of the city, Acqua Restaurant offers an Italian culinary journey in an elegant setting. Known for its fresh seafood and inventive dishes, it provides a dining experience that marries the bold flavors of Italy with Thailand’s vibrant culinary landscape.

2. KHAAN Bangkok

Embark on a gastronomic journey at KHAAN Bangkok, where Chef Aom Sujira Pongmorn, the first recipient of the MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award in 2021, redefines Thai cuisine. Situated on Somkid Street, KHAAN represents the ‘Tiger’ in its vibrancy and eclectic fusion of old and new Thai styles. Chef Aom’s innovative eleven-course menu, inspired by Thai street food and her family’s culinary heritage, blends high-quality local Thai ingredients with international elements. This creates a unique dining experience that maintains the authenticity of traditional Thai flavors while introducing contemporary twists.

3. Aesop’s Rooftop

Perched atop a high-rise, Aesop’s Rooftop affords diners breathtaking views of Bangkok’s skyline. The restaurant’s Mediterranean-inspired menu, paired with its romantic ambiance, makes it a perfect spot for special occasions.

4. Le Du

Le Du, a name derived from the Thai word for ‘season,’ focuses on modern Thai cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal produce. Its innovative menu has garnered acclaim for its creativity and respect for traditional flavors.

5. Gaggan Anand Restaurant

Under the helm of Chef Gaggan Anand, this restaurant has redefined Indian cuisine on the global stage. With its boundary-pushing menu, diners can expect an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

6. Sorn

Specializing in Southern Thai cuisine, Sorn offers a fine dining experience that highlights the intricate flavors and heritage of Thailand’s southern region. Each dish tells a story, making every meal a culinary exploration.

7. Sühring

Bringing a slice of Germany to Bangkok, Sühring showcases modern German cuisine through a tasting menu that changes with the seasons. The restaurant’s cozy, elegant setting complements its innovative dishes, providing a dining experience that’s both comforting and extraordinary.

These top 10 restaurants from the TOP80 Asia Fine Dining list not only highlight the diversity and richness of Bangkok’s fine dining scene but also the city’s ability to innovate and preserve its culinary heritage. Each establishment offers a unique window into the flavors, traditions, and future of Thai cuisine, making Bangkok a true gastronomic capital on the world stage.

8. Restaurant Potong

POTONG, or “simple,” is the name of Chef Pam’s family business, which has been producing Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine since 1910. The restaurant was built to last with techniques ahead of its time and a distinctive design by SINO-Portuguese.


Baan Tepa’s approach to food and cooking is driven by authenticity. The team works, designs, and cooks by the philosophy of sustainability. They take pride in sourcing locally, harvesting from the garden, and always being mindful of the food waste produced. Chef Tam Chudaree Debhakam believes in remaining deeply rooted in traditions whilst creating a relaxed and refined environment.

10. GAA

Restaurant Gaa is a Modern Indian fine dining restaurant situated in a traditional Thai house in the heart of Bangkok. In April 2022, They introduced The Rasa Menu, a never ending explosion of flavours, textures and ingredients; all inspired by the limitless cuisines of India. This menu in its many little bites, combining traditional Indian cooking techniques with local ingredients, will take to you through a journey into India in a new and unexpected way.


AsiaTop80 Bangkok Winners 2024 Edition