Villa Frantzén and Khaan Bangkok Present: Exchange Dinner

Villa Frantzén and Khaan Bangkok Present: Exchange Dinner

Villa Frantzén and Khaan are thrilled to announce an exciting culinary collaboration set to take place on July 8, 2024. This event will feature Chef Nilas from Villa Frantzén and Chef Aom from Khaan, who will swap characteristic ingredients from their own respective cuisines to create an unforgettable six-course tasting menu that intermingles Nordic and Thai cuisines.

Event Details:

Date: July 8, 2024

Seating Time: Starting from 17:30 PM (different times available; last seating 20:30)

Location: Villa Frantzén, Bangkok

Reservations: Click here to reserve or call +66 (0) 87 344 8222

Menu: 6-course special collaboration menu 4,200 THB++
Wine pairing of 6 glasses available at 2500 THB ++

*All dining prices exclude the 10% service charge and 7% government tax


In this event, Chef Nilas will experiment with Thai ingredients such as Thai eel, dry fish, bull’s penis, giant toad, water bugs and ant eggs, while Chef Aom will incorporate Nordic elements like pine shoots, sea buckthorn, liquorice, pickled ramson flowers, rhubarb juice and lingonberry into her Thai creations. This ingredient-swapping challenge promises a night of new culinary challenges, discoveries and excitement as both chefs step out of their comfort zones to deliver a menu that intertwines the best of both culinary worlds.


**Quotes from the Chefs: **

Chef Aom: “The most challenging Nordic ingredients for me were pine shoots and pine oil, yet they strongly remind me of Scandinavia, so pine was my favorite ingredient to use. I never used it before, even though I have worked with European cuisine. It is very hard to mix with Thai food. If I put too much, it will overpower the flavor profile of Thai food. Eventually, I used it in a squid salad, pickling with cumin seeds and ramson flowers.”

“I used sea buckthorn with santol, which is now in season. Sour sweet and bitter, it is like wine, and I turned it to a compote and mixed with jasmine tea.”


Chef Nilas: “The bull’s penis, tripe, and toad were tricky ingredients for me. I was not sure how to cook them and incorporate into our Frantzén/Nordic style of cooking at first. But I liked this collaboration because it pushed me to think outside the box. I hope guests will see that we create something special while maintaining our culinary identities.”

“I was familiar with cooking frogs before. I usually say that a frog is everything that a chicken wishes to be. It is similar, but it is juicier, more tender, and more complex in flavor. (…) Chef Aom shared a lot of ingredients with me, but from the lot, I felt it was more fun choosing all the ones I was less familiar with. Ultimately that is what makes it so fun in the end and makes it interesting for everyone else to anticipate the outcome of that challenge.”


Join us for an evening that merges Nordic and Thai cuisines, creating a new window into cross-cultural cooking and exchange. Reservations are open for this extraordinary gastronomic experience.


For more information and updates, visit the event page or contact the restaurant.

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